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Healthwatch Walsall Engagement

The aim of Healthwatch Walsall is to give citizens and communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided within their locality. Local Healthwatch provides, or signposts, people to information to help them make choices about health and care services.

Healthwatch is about both obtaining views and experiences about health and social care from the public and sharing information we have gathered about these services with the public. We do this by engaging with Walsall communities and especially with those whose voices are seldom heard.

Engagement can be anything from having conversations with people about their experiences of using services, to surveys, consultations, and involvement in service redesign.

Activity Updates

We undertake engagement through our own staffing resources and also through commissioned engagement using other resources.

Bespoke Community Solutions were appointed to undertake an extensive engagement programme on behalf of Healthwatch Walsall between May and October 2014.

This was largely focussed on raising awareness about what Healthwatch is and what we do. Events took place in all major partnership areas including representing Healthwatch at stakeholder events and more personalised conversational cafes.

We have carried out over 60 engagement activities in the past 12 months resulting in an estimate of over 90,000 people being made aware of HWW and over 2000 people directly participating in surveys etc. We have also recruited over 1200 supporters who closely match the demographic makeup of Walsall.

Through our engagement we have been able to understand the areas of health and social care services which give you most cause for concern. The Healthwatch Walsall Assembly has used this information to set up priority areas for closer examination through our Workstreams.

Bespoke has also met with young people and created a DVD that shares their thought of Health services in Walsall. Please follow this link to see this DVD.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and Assembly members who have helped out at events and contributed to raising awareness of Healthwatch throughout the borough.

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