Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Here we will post any success stories we have for service users, patients, relatives, carers or friends. If we can improve the care or situation of Walsall residents we are happy to help.

If you wish to contact Healthwatch Walsall you can do so in many ways.

Telephone:0800 470 1660

By Email:

Or our online 24/7 web based "Experience Exchange" CLICK HERE


Just a quick email to thank you for providing me with the telephone numbers for the correct Healthwatch office to deal with my nephew's complaint.  You were really friendly and helpful and I was grateful for that help.

Kind regards,

October 2018

Healthwatch Walsall.

A huge thank you to Healthwatch Walsall.

I made contact due to the failing appointment system and lack of communication from the GP practice I attended with my 17 month grandson. I received consistent updates and support regarding the progression of my complaint. They followed my complaint through and reached a positive result.

This is a marvellous service. Highly recommend it.

Thank you.

December 2018

Whilst walking through Walsall Manor Hospital on my way to an appointment for myself, I noticed a young lady at a table with 'Healthwatch' banners around her.

I had no idea what Healthwatch was and so asked her, and when she filled me in it came as a rush of relief.  I've been struggling to get my grandmother the help she needs from Social Services and within two weeks of getting Healthwatch involved I feel like things have finally started to move forward.

Thank you Healthwatch.  I genuinely don't think anything would have happened without your involvement.

Grandson, Walsall

December 2018