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Welcome to the website of Healthwatch Walsall, the public voice of health and social care users in Walsall.

Healthwatch Walsall is the independent consumer champion established to gather and represent the views of the public. We play a role at both a local and national level. We listen to the concerns and aspirations of Walsall people to find out their experiences and ensure that these are used to inform decisions made about their services and we make sure that the views of the public and people that use services are taken into account.

Our Vision

Healthwatch Walsall will:

  • ensure Walsall people are setting its strategy, direction and influencing the quality of health and social care
  • become a recognised and respected member led consumer champion that is trusted by stakeholder’s, providers and commissioners alike
  • contribute to shaping local health and care in line with the views and needs of Walsall people
  • help to improve the quality of health and care services by forming effective influential partnerships and collaborative relationships
  • support individuals to make informed choices by helping them to access information advice and complaints services
  • become an effective advocate and be recognised as the health and care champion for Walsall.

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