NEW Emergency Care (A&E) & Urgent Treatment Centre

Our latest project work is now launched. So if you have visited the NEW facility and experienced the care and service delivered we want to hear from you.

Please complete both parts, your whole experience, so that we get the big picture.

Part 1 Survey

This part is about how you arrived at the centre, signage, initial communication including: any needs for an interpreter, initial triage, did you feel listened to and whether were you treated with dignity and respect. 

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Part 2 Survey

This part asks about waiting times and communication whilst you wait, when yo may be discharged etc.

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NHS 111 work project

NHS 111 triages peoples medical needs to enable them to access the appropriate services, or to provide advice on self-care where relevant. We want to know if this process is working for you, and understand your experiences of using the service.

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The Accessible Information Standard

This survey is part of a campaign to make people aware of the Accessible Information Standard. The Accessible Information Standard is a law that says all health and care services have to:  communicate in different ways for people with different needs and  provide information that is clear and easy for people to understand.

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Long COVID work project

We were not sure how 'long COVID' suffering Walsall patients were supported by Walsall services so we decided to take a look and encourage those patients or relatives and carers to share their experiences of long COVID support. This is an opportunity to find out what's out there? What works? and What extra support, if any? is needed.

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Our Listening Survey 2024/25

We have just launched our 'Listening Survey' to help focus our work projects for 2024/25. We need you, the Walsall public, to take part and answer a small number of questions. What you say could help reshape services to improve the service user experiences in the future. Make a difference today!

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NHS dental care/treatment work project


Access to Walsall Maternity, Neonatal and Post-Natal Care for Black and Asian Women