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Everything we do is guided by what people tell us about their experiences of health and social care. Find out more about our current projects and how you can get involved. 

Maternity Experiences for Black and Asian Women

Healthwatch Walsall are currently undertaking a maternity project focused on the experiences of maternity, neonatal and post-natal care for Black and Asian women.

Healthwatch Walsall want to want to hear your feedback on your treatment and care during your maternity journey, we want to listen to your experiences with the aim of improving them by making services more accessible, inclusive and for service users to have the highest quality of care.  

Analysis of maternal deaths, stillbirths and neonatal deaths by Parliament UK, shows mothers and babies from Black/Black British and Asian/Asian British ethnic groups have poorer outcomes. Data suggests that women from Black, Asian or mixed-race backgrounds have an elevated risk of maternal death compared to women from White backgrounds, with Black women having an estimated risk of maternal death that is almost four times higher than that of White women and Asian women almost two times higher than that of White women. These women are also at a higher risk of experiencing premature birth, stillbirth or neonatal deaths. 

SURVEY NOW CLOSED - Report to follow

Our other key projects

NEW Emergency Care (A&E) & Urgent Treatment Centre

Our latest project work is now launched. So if you have visited the NEW facility and experienced the care and service delivered we want to hear from you.

Please complete both parts, your whole experience, so that we get the big picture.

Part 1 Survey

This part is about how you arrived at the centre, signage, initial communication including: any needs for an interpreter, initial triage, did you feel listened to and whether were you treated with dignity and respect. 

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Part 2 Survey

This part asks about waiting times and communication whilst you wait, when yo may be discharged etc.

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NHS 111 work project

NHS 111 triages people's medical needs to enable them to access the appropriate services or to provide advice on self-care where relevant. We want to know if this process is working for you and understand your experiences of using the service.

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The Accessible Information Standard

This survey is part of a campaign to make people aware of the Accessible Information Standard. The Accessible Information Standard is a law that says all health and care services have to:  communicate in different ways for people with different needs and provide information that is clear and easy for people to understand.

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Long COVID work project

We were not sure how 'Long COVID' suffering Walsall patients were supported by Walsall services so we decided to take a look and encourage those patients or relatives and carers to share their experiences of long COVID support. This is an opportunity to find out what's out there? What works? and What extra support, if any? is needed.

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NHS dental care/treatment work project

Healthwatch Walsall wants to know if dental patients are still getting NHS treatment and care? We are also looking to find out what people who cannot access NHS dentistry are doing to meet their dental needs and if this was affected by the recent rise in NHS dental care pricing. Please take part in this short survey if you have recently tried to access Walsall NHS dental care.  We want to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to participate.


Our Listening Survey 2024/25 is now launched

We have just launched our 'Listening Survey' to help focus our work projects for 2024/25. We need you, the Walsall public, to take part and answer a small number of questions. What you say could help reshape services to improve the service user experiences in the future. Make a difference today!

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Two women walking next to an ambulance

Top priorities for 2023 - 2024

Take a look at our work program for the next year. 

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