Why we make a difference

Healthwatch Walsall is your local health and social care champion. We listen to what you tell us about your experience, what needs to be improved and what you want for the future. 

We're independent, so people trust us to say what they think. People tell us about both National Health Service (NHS) and social care services, giving us a unique understanding of what's happening. 

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Reaching out to our local community

We strive to make sure we hear from as wide a range of our diverse community as possible. We want to tell the people who make decisions and change things about the experiences everyone has with health and care services. 

We understand that factors such as culture, location, wealth, education, environment and discrimination can lead to worse health outcomes, and we support the strong consensus that this must change. At Healthwatch, we stand ready to help by doing more to amplify the voices of communities that go unheard and reduce the barriers they face. 

urgent care

Understanding patient issues in Walsall Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)

Many people had shared their experiences of accessing and using the Walsall Urgent Treatment Centre over the past 12 months via our 24/7 online ‘Service Feedback Centre’. Many were seeking alternative GP appointments placing additional pressure on support services.

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Three ways we have made a difference for the community

Thanks to your feedback we have ensured that throughout our work we gather information about health inequalities by speaking to people whose experiences aren’t often heard.

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The impact we made during the pandemic

Since COVID-19 has struck, it's more important than ever to support and listen. 

Nationally, thanks to our network of Healthwatch we have been able to help the response to COVID-19 with rapid feedback from people who have had first-hand experience of services. We're making sure that everyone can use health services, including those that don't have the internet.


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