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    People have told us they can have problems registering with a GP. This article explains more about your rights and what do to if you are refused the right to register.
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    Health issues unfortunately don't leave us alone at the weekend and people are often in need of medical assistance out of hours. Using NHS guidelines, we have provided some advice and information on where you can go for help when your GP is closed.
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    Four questions staff should ask you or a loved one about your oral health if you’re a care home resident, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence quick guide.
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    It's so important that you feel supported as a new parent. Read the article below to find out where you can go to get the help you need.
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    Find out what support is available to help you when travelling to your GP, hospital or other NHS services.
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    Take a look at our advice article on the organisations and groups that can support you if you’re grieving.
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    If you are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse, or are worried about someone who might be, find out where you can go for advice and help.
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    With more and more appointments happening online, we've put together some tips on how to get the most out of the virtual health and care appointments both for patients and health and care professionals.
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    Many people who provide unpaid care are unaware of their rights. Find out more about the help and support you are entitled to.
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    Thanks to people for sharing their experiences of using the Walsall Urgent Treatment Centre.
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    Waiting for planned medical care or surgery can be a frustrating time. That’s why it’s so important that while you wait, you get regular, clear and accessible updates so that you can plan your next steps.
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    Your mental wellness is as important as your physical health but seeking help can be daunting. Here's what to expect when you seek support for your mental health.
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    Do you or a loved one need help with social care? Read the article below and find out answers to key questions about who can access adult social care and how to pay for it.
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    Find out the signs and symptoms of monkeypox, what to do if you think you have it and who is eligible for a vaccine.
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    If you are struggling, feel alone or need a little help, then check out our guide on how you can get the support you need.
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    Confused about Long Covid? Find out the common symptoms and how to get support.
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    Do you know about your rights to language support in NHS settings?
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    Are you having trouble finding an NHS funded dentist? Read our tips on what to do if you’re facing problems.
  19. Report -

    Hospital discharge refers to when a person leaves the hospital once they have recovered.
  20. Report -

    The report is for Healthwatch Walsall to find out what its work focus for engagement and research should be for the coming year
  21. Report -

    A survey was used that was more focussed upon patient experiences and outcomes of seeing their GP rather than on process questions that would identify high and low performers in terms of satisfaction.
  22. Report -

    The Accident and Emergency (A&E) Workstream of Healthwatch Walsall carried out a survey in the Accident and Emergency Department of Walsall Manor Hospital during May 2016
  23. Report -

    A total of 995 surveys were completed with participants across the 4 Areas listed, along with 3 focus groups and notes from APMS consultation events.
  24. Report -

    Walsall CCG carried out a consultation on the future of Stroke Services in Walsall.
  25. Report -

    Walsall CCG carried out a consultation on the future of Urgent Care Services in the area.
  26. Report -

    Each year Healthwatch Walsall asks the public what their concerns are around health and social care services
  27. Report -

    In light of the fact that people were either waiting to be seen or part way through their journey of having their issues diagnosed we used a semi-structured interview technique with a set of questions to help the interviewer talk to the patients and their families.
  28. Report -

    After being diagnosed with cancer, accessing timely treatment is important to the patient. Access and signposting to non-clinical support services is also an important part of the patient journey.
  29. Report -

    We collected 86 surveys, conducted one focus group and have gathered information from 16 case studies.
  30. Report -

    For most people who are admitted to hospital there are no serious long-term implications from their admission and no need for ongoing social care support once discharged.
  31. Report -

    Our job is to champion the consumer interests of those using the services and give local people an opportunity to speak out about their concerns.
  32. Report -

    Three focus groups were undertaken in Sandwell, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. One focus group was undertaken in Dudley along with six drop-ins at GP practices.
  33. Report -

    Our job is to champion the consumer interests of those using the services and give local people an opportunity to speak out about their concerns.
  34. Report -

    A Healthwatch Report for the Black Country and West Birmingham Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs).
  35. Report -

    A study into the experiences of service users, parents, and carers of the case assessment process.
  36. Report -

    One in 6 of the UK population is affected by hearing loss equating to approximately 11M people, and of these almost 1M people are severely or profoundly deaf.
  37. Report -

    We visited 11 social care settings during the year. There was a plan to visit an additional 2 by the end of March 2020 but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all Enter and View and community outreach was suspended.
  38. Report -

    The engagement with young people was carried out through face-to-face engagement with training providers in Walsall and general outreach.
  39. Report -

    On this occasion we have carried out a project that looks at the experiences of people accessing services that support people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism in the community
  40. Report -

    Our job is to champion the consumer interests of those using the services and give local people an opportunity to speak out about their concerns.
  41. Report -

    Heart disease remains as one of the major causes of premature death in Walsall.
  42. Report -

    Throughout the pandemic, Mental Health in young people has been exacerbated due to minimal socialising with the lockdown, not attending education, and having to support relatives.
  43. Report -

    The project aimed to speak to women who had given birth in the last 12 months.
  44. Report -

    Our job is to champion the consumer interests of those using the services and give local people an opportunity to speak out about their issues.
  45. Report -

    17 questions were included in the survey along with open text sections for additional comments to be made.
  46. Report -

    We undertook a survey with people who have used the UTC at Walsall Manor Hospital.
  47. Report -

    To observe, and capture the experiences of service delivery from the residents' and relatives’ points of view.